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Immerse yourself in the world of Gentlemans Barbershop, where the art of hair cutting becomes a ritual, and every visit becomes an experience for both body and soul. We invite you to experience our expertise and the ambiance of our new barbershop – for the man seeking more than just a haircut.

Welcome to a rendezvous with style and care!

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Without Appointment

Experience exclusive barber services without appointments at our barbershop. Our efficient queue system ensures a stress-free haircut experience. Enjoy the benefits of a spontaneous visit without compromising on quality. Let our experienced barbers attend to you as soon as your queue number is called, witnessing expert care without the need for an appointment.


Our experienced barbers understand that your haircut is not just a style but a reflection of your personality.

In our exclusive ambiance, we offer a wide range of customized haircuts – from timeless classics to trendy styles. Each cut is a careful composition of precision, craftsmanship, and individualized consultation. Immerse yourself in the world of Gentleman’s Barbershop, where every haircut is not just a change but a self-expression.


Discover the art of beard styling and shaving at Gentleman’s Barbershop.

Our experienced barbers don’t just shape beards; they create artworks that accentuate style and personality. From precise beard trims to relaxing shaves, we offer a comprehensive service that blends tradition and modernity. Experience the perfect balance between precision and relaxation with us – Gentleman’s Barbershop, where grooming becomes an experience.


Our facial masks and steam peelings provide a luxurious escape for both skin and senses.

Experience the rejuvenating effects of our high-quality masks, specially designed for the needs of men’s skin. In combination with our steam peeling, not only is the skin thoroughly cleansed, but the stress of everyday life is also gently melted away.


Our exclusive men’s manicure is more than just a treatment – it is a statement for well-groomed hands that express style and confidence.

In a discreet and relaxed ambiance, our experienced experts take care of your nails and skin. Our men’s manicure includes precise nail care, cuticle treatment, and a revitalizing hand massage. Let us pamper you and experience how well-groomed hands become a crucial element of your overall appearance.


Our exclusive men’s pedicure is the answer to the needs of modern gentlemen who value well-groomed feet and a stylish appearance.

In a relaxed atmosphere, our experts take care of your feet, from nail care to skin treatment. Enjoy a revitalizing foot massage and let our men’s pedicure pamper you. Because with us, care is more than just externalities – it is an expression of style and self-respect.

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