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In our stylish environment, we not only provide high-quality haircuts and professional styling, but also expand our services to include manicures and pedicures. Our experienced team combines traditional craftsmanship with a modern touch to offer you a comprehensive beauty and care experience.

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Without Appointment

At Lady’s Beauty, we value your time, and therefore, we are pleased to offer our services without the need for prior appointments. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of our salon as you indulge in head-to-toe pampering. Visit us and discover the synergy of elegance, precision, and the utmost professionalism in our new women’s area – where beauty is experienced at its highest level.


In every HAIRCUT lies the power of transformation – haircuts are like artworks that illuminate one’s personality in a new light.

In our exclusive women’s area at Gentleman’s Barber, we offer a variety of trendy haircuts and professional styling. Whether it’s a Pixie-Cut, Bob hairstyle, or Curly cuts, our experienced team of hairdressers at Lady’s Beauty looks forward to providing you with the perfect haircut and styling according to your preferences. Visit us and experience the fusion of precision, creativity, and the utmost professionalism.


Welcome to Lady’s Beauty, where style meets tradition.

Step into a haven of classic craftsmanship and modern elegance. Our master barbers are dedicated to delivering STYLE, and the finest grooming experiences.


We not only offer precise NAIL CARE but also a relaxing experience.

Our experienced manicurists understand the art of attention to detail, from shaping to perfect polishing. Immerse yourself in a world of elegance and care, where your hands receive the attention they deserve. Visit us without an appointment and indulge in our first-class manicure – for hands that shine as brightly as you do.



Experience pure relaxation for your feet at Lady’s Beauty, where our PEDICURES are more than just a care treatment.

They are a beauty ritual for your well-being. Our Spa Pedicure pampers your feet with a combination of soothing baths, gentle exfoliation, and revitalizing massages. Immerse yourself in an oasis of rejuvenation while our experienced professionals take care of your nails and skin. Our Spa Pedicure is not just a treatment but a journey of regeneration for your feet. Visit us without an appointment and give your feet the attention they deserve – for a radiant appearance from head to toe.


Experience unparalleled relaxation at Lady’s Beauty exclusive MASSAGE facility, where state-of-the-art massage chairs take you on a journey of tranquility.

Our cutting-edge massage chairs are designed to provide a range of soothing treatments, from tension-relieving back massages to rejuvenating full-body sessions. Immerse yourself in a haven of serenity within the refined ambiance of our shop, as our advanced massage chairs work expertly to ease tension and promote a profound sense of well-being. Unwind and indulge in the luxury of a rejuvenating massage chair experience, ensuring you leave our establishment feeling revitalized and refreshed.


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